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Do you know how much milk is in a French cheese ?  

We no longer have our grandparents to explain us the basics of food, food farming and livestock. The daily life of a farmer is unknown and its challenges even less.

Visiting a producer means discovering the history of our food, remembering the role and impact of each one, refusing to be disconnected from our own bases. 

Knowing agricultural practices means acting with conscience! 

Let's create the link!

Choosing his food is the power of every citizen! The impact of this choice is huge - economic, social, territorial... - It is therefore essential to open our farms so that everyone can have a personal experience, and act consciously!


How can you come to Chamonix without discovering its iconic cheeses?

The agricultural history of Chamonix is rich, powerful and diverse. Many producers maintain the territory, nourish our culinary specialties and maintain a healthy agricultural tradition. By diving into the heart of their operations, we promote a unique profession. 

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The crew

The whole team welcomes you to the association's website. Here are our members and a few lines of presentation! :)


Want to help us?

Make a donation!

Give 5 euros and we add you to our group of volunteers to be able to participate in activities and get involved as you wish. 

50 euros donation and you are invited for FREE to our milking-apéritif ! The opportunity to chat about our common interests and to push the association to respond even better to more requests!

100 euros and more, let's create an partnership and visibility together ! 

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