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For teachers 

Farm visits - subsidies available from the Haute-Savoie department

📆 From January to August

🤷‍♀️ From kindergarten to high school

🚎 From 15 to 60 at once

🐣 A visit with an educational workshop and contact with animals

💲From 8 euros per child

👩‍🎓 Produced by a geography teacher / farmer

📍Vallée de Chamonix from Servoz to Vallorcine

⛷️🥾👀🧗‍♀️ There are plenty of activities to add to this tour for an unforgettable day in Chamonix! 

Our tours are designed with your school program in mind

Several farms can be visited, in alpine pastures or in valleys, with an educational workshop or class work. 

Agricultural themes: from egg to chicken, dairy farming, milk and its bacteria, sheep and their wool, bees... 

Biodiversity: the invasive plant Japanese knotweed, marshes, wolves, vegetation levels, water since the glaciers...

Eco-system themes: permaculture, self-sufficiency, the food chain, the farmer in society...

If you would like to receive financial assistance to enable your class to benefit from this experience, please apply 👉

They will remember



Secondary schools

For kindergartners, we offer a sensory experience where children discover agriculture through their senses: Touching animals, feeding them, smelling animal and plant odors, understanding reproduction and the food chain...

For primary school children, our food and water are the focus of attention! From observing glaciers, the river and the marsh, to meeting the different animals on the farm, the workshops are diverse and provide material for an inspiring class project. 

A landscape reading by schoolchildren will enable them to observe the rapid melting of glaciers, its impact on society and the role of farmers in land management. From food to biodiversity and solutions for the future, a geographical approach to the territory will raise a variety of awarenesses. 

Contact me to reserve a slot !

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